Der Markt für Meeresbeleuchtung wird voraussichtlich bis 2027 bedeutende Einnahmen erzielen

Der weltweite Markt für Schiffsbeleuchtung belief sich 2018 auf 1.611,96 Mio. USD und wird voraussichtlich bis 2027 3.083,73 Mio. USD erreichen, mit einer CAGR-Wachstumsrate von 7,7% im Prognosezeitraum.

APAC has been a leader in the ship lighting market due to the robust shipbuilding industry, with China, South Korea and Japan being the three shipbuilding nations worldwide. Other factors such as increasing world trade and maritime regulations have triggered, among other things, the demand for merchant ships, which in turn has led to growth in the market for ship lighting.

China is expected to hold the largest share of the ship lighting market due to robust commercial shipbuilding such as bulk carriers and tankers. In addition, South Korea has high demand for LNG ships on the world market. In addition, other developing countries in the APAC region are experiencing high growth in the shipbuilding and repair industries. In addition, industrialized countries around the world are finding that their aging fleet urgently needs to be upgraded, driving the marine lighting market.

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Company profiles

  • DRSA
  • ENSTO group
  • HELLA GmbH & Co. KGaA (Hella Marine)
  • Innovative lighting
  • ITC Marine
  • Lumiron, Inc.
  • Lumitec LLC.
  • NJZ Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Phoenix Products LLC
  • The Carlisle & Finch Co.

Increasing shipbuilding activities are driving demand for the ship lighting market

Shipbuilding activities are increasing worldwide, particularly in markets such as China and the United States, due to the increasing number of travelers and trading activities. Increasing shipbuilding activities around the world are expected to positively impact the growth of ship lighting solutions. The growing global trading activity at sea due to healthy trading relationships is another factor in the shipbuilding industry that would increase the demand for ship lighting solutions.

The increasing acceptance of LED lighting solutions offers the market for ship lighting a lucrative opportunity

The shipowners install LED lighting solutions to reduce the ship’s power consumption and operating costs. LED lighting solutions are also less prone to water damage. Therefore, they are used in underwater lamps. The marine lighting market is evolving from traditional lighting technologies to LED lighting solutions based on user needs. This leads to a high demand for LED ship lighting solutions.

Enter insights

The global market for ship lighting was divided into functional lights and decorative lights by type. Functional lights provide the necessary lights to perform various operations and ensure the safety of the ship, while the decorative lights help improve the ambience of the ship. The increasing number of merchant ships is a key factor in the growth of the functional ship lighting market. However, the growing popularity of luxury vehicles is the main factor driving the growth of the decorative ship lighting market.

Insights into the application

The compartment and utilities segment led the global ship lighting market in 2018. When a ship is operating at night, it is vital for operators to maintain the ability to see under their feet without losing their night vision with a hard, bright look. Useful light is therefore required to illuminate deck areas and passageways, thus improving the safety and general ambience of a boat. In addition, boat lights can help direct the light to precise areas that require special attention.

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frequently asked Questions

Was sind die Gründe für das Wachstum der Schiffsbeleuchtungsindustrie im asiatisch-pazifischen Raum?

Faktoren wie die Präsenz einer beträchtlich großen Anzahl von Schiffsflottenbesitzern sowie die Präsenz prominenter Schiffsbauer im asiatisch-pazifischen Raum werden den Marktteilnehmern in den kommenden Jahren voraussichtlich zahlreiche profitable Geschäftsmöglichkeiten bieten. Anschließend das Wachstum der asiatisch-pazifischen Schiffsbeleuchtungsindustrie vorantreiben.

Wo wird meistens Meeresbeleuchtung eingesetzt?

Abteil und Nutzen haben aufgrund ihres großen Spielraums für funktionale und dekorative Anwendungen, insbesondere auf Handelsschiffen, zu einer beträchtlich großen Anwendung auf dem Markt für Schiffsbeleuchtung geführt.

Welche Beleuchtungstechnologie wird üblicherweise für die Meeresbeleuchtung verschiedener Schiffsschiffe verwendet?

LED dominiert aufgrund seines geringen Energieverbrauchs und seiner Fähigkeit, Vibrationen an Bord von Seeschiffen auszuhalten, weiterhin den Markt für Schiffsbeleuchtung durch Technologie. Die auf LED-Technologie basierende Beleuchtung machte mehr als zwei Fünftel des Gesamtmarktes nach Technologie aus

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