After India Sends Back Pak Spies, Charge d’Affaires Gaurav Ahluwalia Chased In Islamabad | Know More About The Entire Probe

In the ongoing investigation of Pakistani spies Abid Hussain and Muhammad Tahir, two railways employees who had met them were questioned. In Islamabad Indian Charge d’ Affaires vehicle was chased by an unknown bike-borne person.

By : ABP News Bureau | 05 Jun 2020 10: 38 AM (IST)

Pakistan Spies Incident: Railway employees questioned, Charge d’Affaires Gaurav Ahluwalia Chased In Islamabad

New Delhi: The investigation on the operations of Pakistani spies Abid Hussain and Muhammad Tahir continues and it has led to the interrogation of two Indian Railway employees who had met them. Posing as Indians the two Pakistan High Commission employees who have been expelled from India for espionage met the Railway workers for information about rail movements and were particularly interested in coaches meant for the armed forces. Also Read:  All About Pakistani Spies Caught By India; Who Are They & How Did They Surreptitiously Operate

Spies wanted information about train services

According to reports, Hussain, posed as Gautam, brother of a media person, to get information from the two railway employees. The spies pretended that they needed information about train movements for his brother who was working on a story on the Indian Railways. They also asked about ways to get a job in Railway and coaches for armed forces. Since the railway workers felt suspicious they did not reveal anything. Also Check: Pakistan denies vandalism of Buddhist heritage in Gilgit-Baltistan

A report by ANI said that classified documents regarding  movement and deployment of army and Aadhar cards were recovered from two spies. The copy of the FIR says, “The recovered documents are of confidential nature related to Indian army are illegally in the possession of Abid and Tahir.”

Indian Diplomat Chased

In a separate incident, the Indian Charge d’ Affaires Gaurav Ahluwalia stationed in Pakistan capital Islamabad has said that the vehicle he was travelling in was chased by an unidentified person on a motorbike in Pakistan capital Islamabad. A video of the incident has also been shared in which a bike-borne person can be seen following the vehicle. The person is suspected to belong to the Pakistani spy agency ISI. A former diplomat Anil Wadhwa said in an ANI report that Pakistan’s ISI has been indulging in actions of harassment of Indian diplomats on a number of occasions in the past in retaliation of hiding their inadequacies and the action that they take on Indian soil.”

Reports say that India is going to lodge a protest against the harassment of personnel in Pakistan through diplomatic channels.

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